Deathwatch - The Long Watch

Haarlock's Revenge - Part 5


Players – Marcus, Aethon, Gunnar, Cormac, Alban
XP Gained – Deathwatch Characters 500XP (Total 19,000 XP)
Enemies Slain – 1 Slaaneshi demon, Multiple Possessed Cultists, 1 Sandworm

The squad enters the Webway with the other Eldar and begin a journey to the Eye of Terror. On the way there, the Harlequin known as Ailill Nuada informs them that the Crone world is a dangerously lethal locale and that their time there will be limited. She also informs them that Anaris is located within the Temple of Sorrows, and that it will judge whether the Squad is worthy of the terrible burden of wielding the sword.

Upon arrival the Squad emerges on to an eerily quiet and pastoral scene. The sky is blue, fields of grass extend into the distance, and just a few hundred meters in the distance is the Temple of Sorrows.

However, as the squad gets closer to the entrance, they hear promises of death in the wind…With that disturbing last thought, the squad enters the temple.

Upon entry to the building, the Squad blacks out, and when they awaken they find themselves in a huge Colosseum. A crowd of Pre-Fall Eldar are in the seats of the stadium as an Eldar Lord announces the next bout! The Squad is without their weapons and must scrounge for what they can find.

With a mighty roar a huge sandworm burrows from beneath the ground and begins attacking the squad. Armored in mighty scales of dense chitin, the beast is mostly undeterred by their attacks until Aethon rips off one of the scales in a display of strength and bravery! Alban follows up with a well time throw of a spear that embeds itself in the flesh that used to be covered by the scale!

Meanwhile, Gunnar attempts to attack the Eldar Lord and is insulted when the Eldar calls him a coward! Gunnar attempts to strike at the Eldar, but a shield of immense psychic strength blocks him. Calling upon the icy winds of Fenris, Gunnar breaks through the shield but not without psychic fallout! Noxious fumes begin to pour in from a tear in the warp placing everyone at risk!

Aethon quickly jets over to assist Gunnar as the shield reforms behind them. Aethon critically and mortally wounds the Eldar Lord by stabbing his Combat Knife through the Eldar’s clavicle.

Meanwhile, back in the pit, Marcus, and then later Alban are almost eaten by the sandworm as it thrashes about in anger. Alban manages to sever one of the giant teeth lining the Sandworm’s mouth before being flung away. Cormac races in bravely and manages to destroy several tentacles that had been threatening the squad as well. Together the squad targets the worm’s exposed flesh to further weaken the beast.

Gunnar reopens a hole in the shield and Aethon charges through and lands on the Sandworm’s back and epically smashes through the heavily damaged flesh of the Sandworm, killing it utterly. Aethon emerges covered in viscera and ichor and the Squad blacks out again.

When they reawaken they are in manacles in front of a Space Marine Conclave. Black Templars, Red Hunters and Red Scorpion Space Marines each accuse the Marines of betraying humanity to work with the perfidious Eldar. All of the Squad, save for Aethon and Alban believe the illusion to be real, but all stand by their choice to enlist the aid of the Eldar.

They are each executed in turn.

The squad then awakens for the third time, with Marcus, Gunnar and Cormac each gaining the Peer (Eldar) talent and +5 Insanity.

In front of them is a statue of Isha crying tears as she holds a deceased Eldanesh. Next to the statue lay Anaris, the 100th Sword of Vaul and The Doom of Eldanesh. It is a greatsword, with a beautiful and haunting Spirit Stone in its pommel.

Titus walks over and grabs the blade and his eyes light up with arcane energies. With new authority in his voice he informs the Squad that it is time to go. Titus swings the blade and a portal to the outside appears.

Once through the Squad encounters a hellish landscape. The Eldar and Harelquins are fighting to keep the Webway entrance from being overrun, but between them and the Marines are a dozen possessed Cultists and a large slaaneshi demon.

Alban quickly devastates the demon with a profound display of accuracy and firepower, easily wiping out half of the beasts health. Aethon then jumps in and removes yet another 25% of it, leaving it near dead.

The demon then lashes Alban and moves him into melee combat, quickly realizing he is the main threat.

The rest of the squad charges in, but everytime they kill a cultist, a demon appears, and more cultist reinforcements arrive!

Marcus is then hit with a Krak Missile, almost killing him. Cormac heroically races back to Marcus and critically heals him, allowing him to continue.

Aethon then kills the slaaneshi demon by smashing Legacy of Nocturne into its back, destroying it utterly.

Alban is swarmed by Cultists in melee, and then a bridge is blown out from under him, causing him to fall into a chasm of Hellfire. Through sheer hatred of Chaos and a determination not to appear before the Emperor without completing his service to the Deathwatch, Alban climbs out and races to the Webway.

The squad then escapes out into the Webway and heads to the Rendezvous point, hoping that the Faustus and the Acolytes were able to gain the assistance of the Mechanicum and Imperial Guard for the assault on the Tyrant Star.



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