Deathwatch - The Long Watch

Haarlock's Revenge - Part 4

A Hero Falls

Players – Marcus, Icthaylion, Aethon, Gunnar
XP Gained – Deathwatch Characters 500XP (Total 18,500 XP)
Enemies Slain – 2 Necron Deathmark Assassins, 2 Scarab Swarms (Magnitude 50), 1 Centum Mannus

Having discovered the origin story of the Tyrant Star, the squad continues its examination of the Eldar facility hidden on Hesperus II. Utilizing their knowledge of Eldar mythology, the Squad quickly recovers artifacts hidden in the structure that correspond to certain rooms in the facility. These artifacts are spherical and have a single unique Eldar rune on each of them. Each rune represents either an Eldar faction, deity, Craftworld or even myth. The squad surmises that these relics may unlock other parts of the facility when placed on the proper area.

While searching the facility, the squad dispatches a Wraithlord made decrepit with age. It poses almost no threat as the Squad brutally takes it down.

Afterwards, when the squad places the artifacts they have recovered on plinths designed to hold said relics, the central room of the structure undergoes a massive change. Where there used to be a forcefield preventing the squad from the middle, it is now gone and in its place is a massive, and beautiful, map of the Koronus Expanse.

On the map, glowing in the far western areas of the Expanse, deep within the Rifts of Hecaton, is a spherical craftworld. The squad quickly realizes that this is the physical location of the Tyrant Star.

At that moment, the voice of Haarlock is heard throughout the structure. He informs the squad that he has already figured out the location of the Star, and left the facility as is to determine whom, if anybody, is following him. He then lets the squad know that he is going to introduce them to someone who now sees the light.

Haarlock’s voice disappears, stating that he has a sector to save.

Down the steps comes a menacing figure, with the body of a Tech Priest, but wielding the staff of a Necron Cryptek. It is Centum Mannus, twisted and corrupted by Necron technology!

Flanking him are two swarms of Scarabs and two Deathmark Assassins! The battle commences as everyone dives for cover.

Gunnar howls in anger and calls down the power of Fenris with a vigorous game of Ice / Not Ice, giving his allies portable cover from the sudden blizzard. Centum responds by causing unnatural night to descend on the area and by shooting out thunderbolts and gauss blasts from his Necron Staff of Light.

Marcus responds by coordinating his squad efficiently and effortlessly, and absolutely devastates one of the Scarab swarms with his flamer, for Ultramar!

Icthaylion and Aethon stay behind cover, narrowly avoiding devastating Gauss blasts from the Necrons. They pour fire at their foes with Icthaylion hitting a Deathmark on the shoulder, only to see the machine repair itself at a rapid pace! For a few seconds, both sides pour fire at each other, with the squad losing cover minute by minute and the Necrons regenerating damage they sustain.

With his cover destroyed by Gauss fire, Gunnar breaks free of Marcus’ disciplined firing order, and charges headlong at the Deathmarks, only to see the Deathmark he attacked phase out of this dimension. Just as the Necron phases, a swarm of Scarabs engulfs the Space Wolf, tearing at his flesh and armor!

Fortunately for Gunnar, Guilliman is with him this day as Marcus quickly swaps in Metalstorm rounds in to his Bolter, and brings fiery, explosive justice to the enemies of the Emperor! In a single devastating round, Marcus destroys the swarm, saving his brother Marine.

However, Marcus, Aethon and Icthaylion have troubles of their own as Centum begins marching upon their positions, firing Gauss and Lightning at their rapidly evaporating cover. Aethon takes this moment to finally unleash his full potential in melee combat, and descends upon Centum on wings of fire and justice, wielding the hallowed relic “Legacy of Nocturne.”

Aethon dodges Centum’s attacks and lands a mighty hit on Centum, smashing him asunder and into the nearby wall. Centum lays dazed and neutralized in front of a completely destroyed wall.

Meanwhile Gunnar is shot by the Deathmarks several times, leaving him at one wound remaining. He charges into melee range of both of them to neutralize their sniping and manages to dispatch one his force weapon. However that leaves him open to the other Deathmark! The Necron swings his weapon to club the Space Wolf to death but in epic fashion Gunnar parries the blow and counterattacks, killing the Necron! His armor utterly savaged, Gunnar lets loose an icy howl after winning the thrilling game of Ice / Not Ice.

Aethon then walks over to the disabled Centum seeking to finish his prey. Centum, his sensibilities returned to him by the destruction of so much of the Necron technology controlling him, warns that Haarlock has a Necron army at his disposal, including Titan level machines and weaponry. He then tells the squad to give his body to the Mechanicum in exchange for their support in fighting Haarlock.

Aethon then asks for Centum’s full name, and upon hearing it, executes Centum Mannus for heresy.

The squad then finds an Eldar Spiritsone containing the soul of a Farseer named Eletherel. He lets the squad know that the Tyrant Star has kept the Outsider trapped for eons, but that it vents out the mad energy the Outsider produces in special psychic vents that are normally supposed to release into uninhabited space. However, the infinity circuit controlling the craftworld must be damaged and that explains why the Tyrant Star has been “manifesting” around inhabited systems. This accounts for the appearance of the Star all these past centuries.

The Farseer deduces that Haarlock must have traveled, psychically, up one of these vents and become trapped within the Star. However now that Haarlock has returned he will want to find the actual physical location of the star to free The Outsider. Fortunately the Rifts of Hecaton are a maze of warp storms, black holes and other stellar phenomenon that make travel extremely deadly. It will take Haarlock some time to chart a path through, even with Necron technology.

The Farseer informs the squad that they should head to the Expanse and find an Eldar Corsair group called the Crow Spirits, as they are guardians of the Tyrant Star and aligned with Craftworld Alaitoc. They will be able to provide access to the Webway in order to arrive at the Star first. They will also be able to provide a way to get the key to the Tyrant Star’s control center, the legendary 100th Sword of the Eldar, Anaris.

The Squad then returns to the Faustus, and there is a lively debate as to what to do next. Some advocate ignoring the Eldar entirely, and not involving the Mechanicum at all. Others voice the need for any and all support, particularly in the face of a Necron army. Contacting the Crow Spirits seems to be roundly rejected.

A compromise is soon reached. Titus and the Squad will return to the surface and use the Eldar Wraithbone to contact Craftworld Alaitoc directly. They will petition the Eldar for armed support and, when Haarlock is defeated, turn on the Eldar as necessary.

They institute this plan and after a few hours of psychic calling into the void, Alaitoc answers…in force. Harlequins appear as if from nowhere, surprising Gunnar completely. 2 full squads of Dire Avengers emerge as well, flanking a Warlock and a Farseer. Outnumbered and Outgunned, the Squad holds fire.

The Farseer removes her helmet and introduces herself as Thirianna. She is clearly disdainful of the Mon-Keigh around her and quickly gets into an argument with Titus.

However tensions are cooled as the threat of Haarlock and the Outsider are discussed. Thirianna remarks that Titus has been marked by fate to wield Anaris, even if she doesn’t understand it. However she notes that to wield Anaris is to accept your own doom.

Thirianna then informs them that if they want the help of Alaitoc that they are to leave immediately via the Webway to the resting place of Anaris…the Eye of Terror. Specifically an Eldar Croneworld. These worlds were the capitals of the Eldar civilization prior to the fall, and their location deep in the Warp prevents the Necrons from retrieving the blade and freeing The Outsider.

The squad and Titus agree, with a reluctant Gunnar pulled into the Webway by the other Marines. In orbit, Acting Captain William York, Inquisitor Scythia and the rest of the Acolytes set course for the nearest Mechanicum forgeworld in order to acquire Titan level support, specifically the forgeworld currently repairing a certain Imperator Class Titan liberated by the Acolytes only a few months ago…the Dominar Rex.

With that the Faustus, leaves orbit while the Deathwatch Marines and Titus begin a perilous voyage to the Eye of Terror itself.

Not ice indeed.



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