Deathwatch - The Long Watch

Haarlock's Revenge - Part 3

Blood in the Boardroom

Players – Pikey, Silon, Owen, William York

XP Gained – DH Characters 200XP + 100 Bonus XP for Achievement in Creative Problem Solving for a total of 300XP for the DH crew. Deathwatch characters gain zero XP at this time.

Enemies Slain – 2 Wraithguard, Sean the Technician, His roommate, and one low quality corpse encompassing rug.

Evidence Acquired – Lord Chauncey’s assignment to the Deathwatch, the refit of the Faustus, and Cutter’s transformation.

With Silon and Owen hidden, Kenchiro approaches Titus in the truck. However in their attempt to ambush Kenchiro, one of them makes a noise and Kenchiro draws pistols on both of them. A standoff ensues.

Inside the strip club, Pikey attempts to move to reinforce Owen and Silon and runs into a bouncer at the club who refuses to let Pikey out the back door. Pikey walks by the bouncer even after the bouncer fires a warning shot at him.

William then intimidates the piss out of the bouncer to the point where the bouncer willingly signs up for naval duty shoveling coal.

With a 4 on 1 situation brewing, Kenchiro lowers his weapons while the team radios in for a safehouse for interrogation. There, the team finds out that Kenchiro is actually Praetus Vorenus and has been under an alter ego for several years after his squad was murdered.

Inquisitor Scythia dispatches Gunnar Verdand in the Deathwatch Thunderhawk “Avenger” to pick up Praetus and “ask him some questions.”

Meanwhile, back on planet, the Acolytes decide to investigate Lord Chauncey and his operations at Hyperion. They know Halo Devices are being smuggled to Scintilla via his freighters and to confirm his involvement, Silon hacks into the Hyperion networks to determine Chauncey’s itinerary for the past few years. They discover that he is due for a trip in 2 weeks and that there have been black out moments in his prior travels where his location cannot be accounted for. They also find out that large sums of money have been going to a black project.

The squad then decides to plant a listening device in Chauncey’s office to acquire more intel, and decide to plan and execute a Shadowrun.

They head to a bar known to be frequented by tech specialists that work for Hyperion in the hopes of using Owen’s psychic powers to mind control one of them after lowering his mental defenses by drinking him under the table. The plan is to Dominate a tech specialist and have Owen and the tech walk into Hyperion on a forged work order to update software on Chauncey’s personal workstation.

The Acolytes head into the bar and proceed to debauch themselves…poorly. Only Pikey is able to truly carouse with Sean. Even with the assistance of two depraved floozies, the tech specialist, Sean, leaves the bar without having gotten drunk. Owen attempts to mind control him, but fails.

Owen then pursues Sean across the bar, and fails again at mind controlling him.

Owen then pursues Sean across the parking lot, and fails again at mind controlling him.

Finally, with Sean in his car and about to leave, Owen pounds on the driver side window, and with his nose bleeding uncontrollably, and a massive migraine threatening to overcome him, manages to mind control Sean. Owen flops onto the backseat and tells Sean to drive home.

The rest of the Acolytes follow and when they arrive at Sean’s residence, they hear Sean’s roommate call out asking is there. The roommate is shortly thereafter sack and hammered and thrown into a closet. Silon then tranquilizes the roommate into next week.

Silon also forges a new ID for Owen and after cleaning up his bloody mess, they rest for the night.

The next morning Sean escorts Owen to Hyperion HQ. They forge a work order at Sean’s desk and head up several stories to Chauncey’s office. There, they pass a security check and head into the office itself.

The “bug” in this case is actually Titus’ Eldar pendant. It will allow Owen to astrally project through the device without setting off any psychic alarms, as the surge of energy won’t be occurring within Hyperion, but several miles away.

Owen plants the bug in a flower pot and uses Spectral Hand to place the bug without being seen near the plant. Owen also sees Niles, Chauncey’s Eldar Servoskull. The skull appears to be burned out, as if it had resisted great psychic power.

As they leave, Owen notices the secretary get a call and look directly at him. Knowing the jig is up somehow, Owen hurries to leave. However as they near the elevator, two Men in Black come out with pistols drawn and order them both to stop and get on the floor.

Owen then opens his mind to the warp and channels every bit of energy he can through Sean’s poor mind, instantly burning out every neuron in the technician’s mind, but not before putting on the appearance that Sean is an unrestrained rogue psyker whose mind just went critical. A full on warp hurricane occurs, throwing everyone around the room and buying time for Owen to run past and down the elevator.

The last thing Owen sees as the elevator doors close is Sean wreathed in blue energy laying waste to the floor. Owen leaves the elevator and the building as SWAT teams arrive. The Acolytes then head back to Sean’s house, kill his roommate, bundle him up in a rug and toss him off a bridge into deep water.

With the bug in place, the team is able to listen to Chauncey’s conversations. Chauncey is enraged at the security breach and cancels his upcoming trip. He then asks if the Faustus is ready and is told that it is.

Upon relaying that information to Inquisitor Scythia, Marcus Valen takes the Avenger and determines that the Faustus is in Scintilla orbit at a secret Imperial Navy shipyard. The ship is now completely black and has the Deathwatch sigil on its side! It appears that Chauncey’s secret project is known. As a high ranking Acolytes of the Ordo Xenos he has been tasked with retrofitting the Faustus for Deathwatch use and it looks as if the ship is nearly ready.

With this knowledge the Acolytes decide to openly confront Chauncey. Chauncey receives the Acolytes in a boardroom overlooking Scintilla Prime. He angrily tosses the Eldar Pendant back at Titus, but proceeds to explain what he can.

It turns out Niles protected Chauncey from possession, using its Eldar wraithbone structure to deflect Haarlock’s assault. Chauncey is also committed to exploring the Koronus Expanse and allowing the Inquisition and Deathwatch enhanced travel options in that newly discovered area.

At that moment, Owen sees a Valkyrie flying low directly at them. Shouting a warning, he raises a psychic shield just as hundreds of rounds shatter the windows and shred the boardroom. As the fire dies down, they see a man in armor and a skull helmet jump from the Valkyrie and into the boardroom. They also hear gunshots and cries for help from other areas of the floor.

The assailant drops a smoke grenade and begins his one man assault on the Acolytes. A few well placed shots by the Acolytes shatter his helmet revealing the face of Cutter Tybalt underneath! However his face is disfigured by a Halo Device! Cutter flees out the window and escapes, and while none of the Acolytes are hurt, Chauncey is told that detailed maps of the Koronus Expanse were stolen. Chauncey laments that every time the Acolytes come to his building, it gets destroyed.

With Chauncey cleared, and Cutter’s fate determined, the Acolytes and the Deathwatch head to Hesperus II in the Faustus to confront Centum Mannus.

When they arrive, the Deathwatch take the lead. They find the archaeological dig site seemingly abandoned with only a narrow staircase leading underground. Inside they find an Eldar structure, made of wraithbone, buried by the sands of time.

In the main hall they see a massive energy shield obscuring some object at its center. Branching from the hall are numerous passageways. The squad explores one hallway and encounters two ancient Wraithguard, which are quickly dispatched. At the end of the hallway they find an Eldar Singing Spear and several spherical wraithbone objects with different runes inscribed on each.

They also find pedestals with indentations as if a spherical object used to be placed there. In one such room they see the Rune for Asuryan, the head of the Eldar Pantheon. In another they find a pedestal near a room depicting a great beast being led to a cage.

Finally, the squad heads down a small hallway containing three rooms. In the first room, a Great War is depicted with Eldar fighting horrific beasts and devastating destruction. In the second room they see the Eldar being known as Vaul, forging a great cage. In the third room they see Cegorach, the Gret Harlequin, leading the beast into the cage after tricking it into eating many of its fellow beasts. Over the cage lays the sigil of Asuryan.

The squad pools its knowledge of Eldar myth and history and come to a devastating realization.

The beast is Tsara’noga, otherwise known as the C’tan being “The Outsider.” Haarlock is after the physical location of this cage and is most likely attempting to free it. Haarlock may have touched minds with The Outsider many centuries ago, which explains Haarlock’s absolute menace and insanity. As to how this happened, it quickly becomes clear that the Tyrant Star is not just a symbol of madness…it is madness. It is the cage that the Outsider is currently imprisoned in. As to how Haarlock first encountered the Tyrant Star without physically finding it is, a as of yet, unsolved mystery.

The squad then continues to explore the rest of the Eldar structure…



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