Deathwatch - The Long Watch

Assault upon the Decay of Honour - Part 3

Hope Descends on Angel's Wings

XP Awarded – 1600
Renown +40
Enemies Slain: Over 100 Genestealers, 2 Lictors, 1 Tyranid Warrior, 2 Bat beasts, 2 Cybernetic Warriors, 1 Dei-Phage, 1 Cathedral, over 9 thousand renegade cultists.

Kill Ratios -

1st Place – Icthaylion with a 9000:1 ratio.
2nd Place – Alban Xanthus with close to a 100:1 ratio.

Honours awarded -

Marcus Valen – Iron Skull
Alban Xanthus – Marksman Award
Icthaylion – Opus Mechanicus
Aethon Harker –
Gunnar Verdand – Purity Seal

Having slain Za’al and recovered the missive from the Inquisition that he was carrying, the squad continues to explore the Night Lords vessel in the hopes of recovering the Legacy of Nocturne.

Traveling through a dark hallway and past a bulkhead, the squad finds itself in the remains of what looks to be the ship’s arboretum. At one end, flanked by two silent robotic sentinels rests the Legacy of Nocturne. The squad sense a trap and positions itself accordingly while Aethon retrieves the relic.

Upon touching it, a force cage is erected over the Black Shield, while the robotic sentinels power up due to cables inserted into their back. They possess fearsome firepower and quickly move to engage the Squad.

In a heroic display of accuracy, the Deathwatch Marines manage to shoot out the power pylons, shutting down the Sentinels. Meanwhile Aethon successfully interfaces with the Salamander relic, activating its true potential. It is a 2-Handed Thunderhammer with a limited ability to teleport.

The squad further explores the ship, encountering ancient data recordings, civilians and even old STC data. Aethon asks several people what their name is.

The squad moves past the Night Lords vessel and approaches the Storm Wardens ship entombed in the Hulk. As they travel, they awaken a Tyranid warren that begins spewing out Genestealers at a horrifying rate.

The squad buys time for Icthaylion to open the doors to the MacLir, with Alban Xanthus exacting a devastating toll from the Tyranids for every step they take. Gunnar almost overextends himself, but manages to break free thanks to the power of Fenris itself.

Once inside the MacLir, they meet Cormac MacGregor, Apothecary of the Storm Wardens and last remaining Astartes of the MacLir. He, and the few Chapter Serfs that survived the collision with the Decay of Honour, have been trapped in their vessel for several years. As the Hulk enters the warp, he informs the squad that while one of the hanger bays appears to be operational, the hanger opening faces the hulk itself, preventing any exit. In addition the shuttles contained therein have no warp capability.

As the squad recuperates, MacGregor heals up Watch-Captain Antaeus enough for him to reawaken. While still in need of dedicated medical attention, Antaeus is now strong enough to move around, stay conscious and if necessary, fight.

When the Hulk exits the Warp, one of the serfs checks the sensor data to determine where they are. They appear to be near the planet Grangold, home of the Cathedral of the Blessed Saint, burial site of St. Drusus. In orbit around the planet, a fierce battle between two fleets is taking place, and on the surface, a major ground war appears to be fast approaching, with forces attempting to siege the Cathedral.

The attacking forces appear to be Imperial Guard with Inquisition support, while the defending forces appear to be flagellants, militia and renegades.

As the Hulk passes through the conflict zone, ordnance from the fleet engagement impacts the Hulk, causing tremendous damage. The chunk of the Hulk carrying the MacLir dislodges itself and is now deorbiting and threatening to land on the Imperial Guard!

Cormac informs the squad that the squad that the MacLir’s engines can be re-lit, and used to alter the orbital trajectory just enough to avoid wiping out the Guard forces. The serfs, Cormac and Antaeus can then use the hangar bay to escape, while the squad uses a boarding torpedo to make their escape from the engineering deck.

The squad heads deep into the MacLir and encounters no resistance on their way to the engine room. However as soon as they enter, genestealers swarm the entire area. Every squad member holds the line as Icthaylion does his best to reactivate the engines. Marcus coordinates the actions as a True Ultramarine should and Alban again reaps a devastating toll amongst the Genestealer Horde.

Not to be outdone, Aethon and Cormac take a defensive stance and ensure no genestealer passes by them, while Gunnar uses the anger of Fenris itself to blast away any Tyranids that get too close to Alban.

Icthaylion is beset upon by a Lictor, but manages to buy enough time for Aethon to literally hammer the Lictor into paste. (Action begins at 16 seconds)

Icthaylion repowers the engines and alters the course of the MacLir to impact the Cathedral of the Blessed Saint. However Antaeus reports that the way to the Hanger bay is blocked by Tyranids.

The squad chooses to aid Antaeus and the serfs rather than escaping themselves, earning bonus renown, and in keeping with their Chapter Demeanors.

The squad mercilessly shoots, hacks and blasts its way through dozens of genestealers, and eventually clears a path for Antaeus and the serfs to escape, along with the message regarding Haarlock.

The squad then piles into a beat up, half functioning shuttle that is more or less pushed out the side of the MacLir.

As the shuttle plunges towards the planet, a lictor jumps on the shuttle and punches a hole in the windshield, but Aethon manages to barrel roll his way out of the situation, causing the Lictor to burn up in atmospheric reentry.

However the shuttles engines are overstrained, and in the resulting crash landing, Aethon loses a leg and Gunnar loses an arm.

The squad finds itself surrounded by Inquisitor Scythia, her acolytes and some very surprised Sororitas and Iron Hands.

In the background a mushroom cloud of cleansing fire is all that remains of the Cathedral and the warp entity that had stolen St. Drusus’ corpse.

In a debrief, the real threat emerges. Haarlock has apparently not only survived but actually managed to return to the Calixis Sector. The squad and Scythia’s acolytes must now team up to find out what happened and if anything can be done to stop him.



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