Deathwatch - The Long Watch

Haarlock's Revenge Part 6

Haarlock must be stopped, no matter the cost!

Players – Marcus, Gunnar, Cormac, Alban
XP Gained – Deathwatch Characters 1000XP (Total 20,000 XP), +5 Renown, Acolytes 600xp (Total 7400XP)
Enemies Slain – 1 Defective Necron Legion, 1 Haarlock

The Acolytes aboard the Faustus make their way to Damaris, a Mechanicum Forgeworld in the Koronus Expanse in an attempt to rally troops, TItans and an other allies they can for the assault on Haarlock’s forces.

Upon arrival, Arch Magos Sigma Rho allows the parties to descend to his receiving room. When they arrive they see the Arch Magos busy attempting to defuse a dispute between the current ruler of one of Damaris’ Knight Moons and the scion of the family that used to rule the moon and claims it by right of succession.

The current family became rulers of the moon after the prior family’s scions died out, leaving no known heir. The Reekon family took the reins of power, and have guided the Moon and its orders of Knights for over 150 years of efficient and prosperous rule.

The former ruling family, led by Lord Mateus have returned to claim what is theirs by Writ of Succession. The current scion is a Rogue Trader of some considerable power, and while his ancestors were average rulers at best, he appears to be a man of some import and power. His fleet is quite powerful, but he views the money as a source of profit, rather than as knightly resource.

The Arch Magos is displeased to have to adjudicate this proceeding and demands that the Acolytes do it in exchange for his listening to their request.

After questioning both the current ruler and Lord Mateus, the Acolytes display a Solomonic level of wisdom and determine that while Lord Mateus shall be the de facto Governor of the feudal moon, all operations, command and administrative functions shall be controlled the Reekon family. Lord Mateus shall be allowed to retain some of the profits the moon generates.

Both men appear satisfied with this arrangements and pledge their support to the Acolytes cause.

Meanwhile, Arch Magos Sigma Rho grants the Acolytes request but only on the condition that any and all artifacts and relics recovered are forfeited to the Mechanicum first. The Acolytes agree and a month later a huge fleet of warships and troopships leave Damaris for the rendezvous point.

At the rendezvous point, the Faustus and the Imperial Fleet meet up with the Eldar fleet transporting the Deathwatch Squad. The Eldar lead the combined fleet to a Webway Portal that allows them access to the Tyrant Star’s location.

Upon arrival, a large Necron fleet awaits them, but thanks to the diplomacy of the Acolytes, the Eldar Fleet and Lord Mateus’ Rogue Trader fleet are able to hold them off and allow the Titan Landers and Troopships to land forces.

While many Guardsmen lose their lives in the hellish storm of Gauss and Tesla weaponry, between the Titans and the Eldar ground forces, a front line is established that begins to stretch the Necron lines just enough to allow the Deathwatch squad a weak point to strike at.

The Squad is ordered to break through the Necron lines, destroy Anti Air Pylons so that the Avenger can transport Titus and the Acolytes to the control center. The Squad is also ordered to kill Haarlock.

The Squad is granted near complete access to the Faustus’ armory. They requisition an Attack Bike and Predator Destructor, along with Storm Shields, Kraken Rounds, Melta Charges, Grenades, Meltaguns and various other accoutrements, to aid them in their mission.

As they approach the Necron lines, they are confronted by a Necron Legion of 1 Destroyer Lord, 2 Stalkers, 2 Lychguard, 1 Doomsday Ark, and Hordes of Warriors and Immortals.

Marcus and Gunnar take the attack bike in a daring flanking attack, while Alban and Cormac take the Predator around a ridge to attack the Pylons.

Although outnumbered, the Emperor and the Primarchs are truly with the Space Marines this day.

Gunnar shields his packmates with the Ice of Fenris, while Marcus organizes squad tactics with the power of Ultramar! Cormac paints a number “3” on the side of his Predator as he careens around the area, ramming and running over a plethora of Necrons. Alban exercises almost supernatural aim, crippling one of the Stalkers and the Doomsday Ark before they can do any damage.

Meanwhile the Necron elites perform awfully, missing constantly. It is up to the inferior Warriors to do any damage, and two of the Necrons manage to cripple the Predator’s engine, reducing it to almost no speed at all.

By then though the Marines have done what they needed to. Despite the Predator’s almost destroyed engine, Cormac manages to ram yet another Lychguard, killing it instantly. Alban takes out a Pylon with the Predator’s Autocannon, while Gunnar and Marcus, doing their best White Scars impression, manage to hit and run the remaining Pylon and Doomsday Ark with Melta Bombs, destroying them both in a single round of explosive vengeance.

The Necrons, utterly savaged and humiliated, withdraw.

The Avenger swoops in low and drops the squad off at Haarlock’s Command Post. Haarlock informs the Squad that he will kill them like he killed Centum, and Cutter, and that they will not stop him from destroying the Warp.

Haarlock wields a powerful Staff of Light, an Archaeotech Pistol and a shield of some sort.

Attending him is another Destroyer Lord, 2 Lychguard and Necron Warriors manning Gauss Cannon Turrets. It appears the Necrons do indeed have turrets.

Cormac leaps into action, using his Meltagun on the Destroyer Lord to do tremendous damage to it.

Haarlock them attempts to trap the Squad in a space-time bubble, but fails.

Alban and Marcus begin picking up Necron Warriors, but then the Lychguard charge Alban and Gunnar.

Haarlock then unleashes a Gaze of Death attack, draining 9 Strength and 10 toughness from Marcus. Alban almost felt the same, but drew on the power of his Chapter and the Emperor to avoid it!

Gunnar and the Lychguard begin dueling, while Alban attempts to withdraw from the Lychguard fighting him. As he moves back, he is hit by the Lychguard, almost losing half of his wounds!

Then the Necron gunners fire on Alban, taking him down to 0 wounds and a 3 on the critical chart. Alban then fires his bolter point blank at the Lychguard, momentarily forgetting that the Lychguard are armed with reflective shields that bounce fire back at the shooter! However Alban continues to be lucky and the shield fails, and the Lychguard is utterly devastated by the attack and killed.

Cormac then heals the Novamarine before he can be shot at again.

Haarlock meanwhile continues to blast the squad with esoteric and arcane powers. Things are looking grim.

Marcus, with Alban’s help, finishes off the Necron gunners, and takes aim at Haarlock with his bolter. Cormac yells at Marcus to stop, but it is too late. Marcus fires a shot at Haarlock that is reflected back at Marcus, piercing his stormshield and his armor and inflicting a hideous wound. Marcus then confirms to the squad that Haarlock has a shield as well.

Gunnar continues to dance with the Lychguard, with neither able to gain the upper hand. The Destroyer Lord is finally killed by Cormac when Alban steps up, loads his Heavy Bolter with metal storm rounds and instead of firing at Haarlock, fires at the ground around him.

Alban’s righteous fury utterly and completely overwhelms Haarlock. When the explosions end, Haarlock’s body is in pieces, raining down around the battlefield. On his face is a look of shock while Alban already is planning his next tattoo to commemorate this occasion.

With Haarlock dead, the Avenger drops Titus and the Acolytes off at the control center. As soon as Titus nears the controls, a rune shield appears and then dissipates to allow Titus entry, but no one else.

Titus, without knowing how, places Anaris on a special plinth and his body is completely ensconced in arcane fire.

With his mind linked to the infinity circuit of an entire craftworld, Titus commands all Eldar and Imperial Forces to withdraw immediately. The Necrons, with Haarlock destroyed, withdraw as well.

Meanwhile the Craftworld begins to resonate with immense power and suddenly a tear in reality appears! A gigantic warp portal appears, easily large enough to swallow the craftworld!

The Imperials flee to their landers while the Avenger rescues the Squad and the Acolytes. The Mechanicum sacrifices much, but they save their Titans and a majority of the Imperial Forces survive to fight another day. Of the Eldar, there is no sign.

Disturbingly, no reports of Cutter Tybalt are made. It appears he is still at large…

Once safely away, the Craftworld begins to move and it is swallowed whole by the warp portal! Gunnar receives a psychic message from Titus saying that this is the only way to ensure The Outsider can never escape…by placing it directly in the Warp!

Gunnar is also able to determine that Titus is now part of the Spirit Stone of Anaris and his body is no more…


Days later, on the Faustus, Chauncey and Praetus meet to toast fallen friends. Hack, Centum, Titus, Cutter, and even their own Inquisitor have all fallen in the line of duty. While both are eager to leave the Hecaton Rifts, there is a sense of melancholy about them.

When Praetus returns to his quarters, he hears something rattle in his desk drawer. He cautiously approaches it, with bolt pistol drawn. With everything that has happened, he is taking no chances.

Praetus opens the drawer and inside is Titus’ Eldar Rune Pendant, and it is glowing. Praetus is confused as Titus was wearing it when he entered the Tyrant Star.

When he touches it he hears Titus’ voice. It is ghostly and weak, as if sent from a long distance, but it is unmistakably Titus’.

Only one word is said.


The rune’s glow fades away and the rest is silence.



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