Deathwatch - The Long Watch

Haarlock's Revenge - Part 2

Praetus has fallen, long live Praetus!

XP Gained: 200
Enemies Slain: 1 Shoggoth, 4 Cultists, 1 Cult Witch
Evidence Acquired: Hyperion Cargo Containers containing Halo Devices. Shipping records do not match soil and bacterial samples showing the containers came from worlds with Xeno-Archaeological dig sites, including Hesperus II. Cult Witch had Gauss Technology and an artifact containing light from the Tyrant Star. Letter detailing shipments signed “H.”

After rescuing Titus from the Scintilla Psyker Asylum, the Acolytes decide to investigate Praetus’ death next. They learn that he had been promoted to an interrogator, and was investigating the discovery of a Halo Device at Scintilla customs. A foolish nobleman had allowed the device to be discovered. While the nobleman and his family were executed, Praetus was tasked with determining the source and destination of the device.

His investigations revealed that a new cult had taken root in Scintilla, the Cult of the Unburdened Mind. He also noted that they featured an “Eye over the Galaxy” Tattoo. Finally, amongst his records was video footage of the assault the cost him his life.

The video shows Praetus and his squad breaching a slum building moments before the area is riddled with bullets and grenades. The devastation and is total and Praetus and his team are declared dead, with burnt remains of bodies removed from the wreckage.

The Acolytes investigate the ruined remains of the area and discover a sewer entrance below the wreckage. However the lid is large, bulky and quite heavy and Praetus would only have been able to escape if he knew in advance that as soon as he entered that building that he would have to open the lid and escape.

The Acolytes enter the sewer and Owen and Titus are able to track Praetus’ psychic presence in the area. It is old and barely existent, but they are able to deduce that he did at least survive the ambush. After traversing some of the sewers they see an Eldar rune carved into the side of the wall. The rune matches that worn by Titus in his pendant.

Near the rune they hear noises and when they go to investigate, Owen perceives “still areas” in the warp. The warp isn’t blocked per se, but completely still, as if it isn’t resonating with what occurs in the material world.

They soon see what is causing the disturbance. A huge tentacled beast from their nightmares, a shoggoth, appears and begins to attack them. It grabs Pikey and is about to devour him, when Owen uses his mind to catch Pikey as a grenade is dropped into the beasts mouth. The beast is mortally wounded and finally put out of its misery moments later.

Around the corner, the Acolytes find a cult in the middle of an initiation. A new aspirant is attached to a Halo Device and begins his transformation into a new powerful member of the cult.

The Acolytes ambush the cults, but it is a hard won affair. The Cult Witch uses arcane technologies to instill madness in the Acolytes, and attempting to flay Silon with her Gauss pistol. The cultists attack with blade and gun, and even when killed, rise up again when the Witch uses a strange orb radiating dark power.

Finally, Lieutenant William York, of his Divine Majesty’s Imperial Navy, charges forth, stabbing the Witch in the gut, and decapitating her in two well executed strokes. The rest of the Acolytes quickly dispatch the remaining cultists and discover to their horror four crates of Halo Devices in the cult warren.

Two of the boxes contain 5 devices each. The other two are empty…

On their way back to the safehouse, the Acolytes notice they are being followed by Interrogator Kenchiro Amaya. They detour to a seedy strip club and split the party. Silon and Owen lay in wait with Titus while Pikey and Lt. York enter the strip club to shower and cleanse themselves.

Interrogator Amaya, thinking no one is by the truck containing Titus, approaches it, and opens the rear latch with his metal augmetic arm and states, “Titus, it has been a long time my friend. Come we must leave quickly.”



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