Deathwatch - The Long Watch


Session 1

Attendees – John, Craig, Charlie
XP Awarded – 200
Foes – 1 Enormous Plaguebearer, 1 Bloodletter, 2 Magnitude 10 Fury Hordes, 4 Furies

After returning to Watch Fortress Erioch, your squad is immediately rearmed and sent out to the Space Hulk Decay of Honour in order to retrieve the Relic Weapon – Legacy of Nocturne. The Omega Vault has provided the coordinates to the Hulk, and your squad is connected to it somehow.

Your Watch Captain, Epistolary Antaeus of the Blood Ravens accompanies you on board the Gladius Class Frigate Argent Crusader. However mere hours into your warp journey the Gellar field protecting you from the warp begins to collapse! Warp entities pour into the ship and Antaeus orders all survivors to the Chapel to make a last stand.

The squad fights heroically, with Icthaylian, a member of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter, saving several crewmembers. Marcus experiences trouble with his bolter, only to remember he is a world class pistoleer, and begins dropping extremely well placed bolt rounds into his enemies.

Before the squad can reach the safety of the chapel, a large Plaguebearer bursts out of the elevator, engaging Aethon in a ferocious duel. Both cause grievous wounds to the other, before the beast is finally taking down in a burst of gunfire and bladecraft.

In the Chapel, Marcus and Icthaylian lay down expertly placed waves of fire from their flamers, buying time for Antaeus to shield them all with his psychic power. Wave after wave of furies and bloodletters perish either against the Chapel wards or the flames of the Squad. Antaeus is given enough time to cast his spell, and the squad, plus the improbable survival of one of the human crew, Jimmy, is assured. The squad blacks out and awakens back in realspace.

However the cost is high, Antaeus is wounded and enters a coma until he can receive medical attention. Icthaylian returns to the bridge while Marcus dips everyone in repair cement. Icthaylian discovers that the Argent Crusader has not only suffered a catastrophe, but is now part of the Space Hulk, Decay of Honour, with the aft 2/3 of the ship hopelessly merged with the Hulk itself.

The squad salvages what they can from the ship and decide that their next course of action should be to EVA to an airlock on the Hulk and find a functioning Gellar Field before the Hulk reenters the Warp.



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