Deathwatch - The Long Watch

Assaut upon the Decay of Honour Part 2

Players: Aethon Harker (Charlie), Gunnar Verdand (Jon), Marcus Valen (Craig).

Enemies slain: 1 Gargantuan Kraken, 3 Ogryn Berserkers, 2 Ogryn Heavy Gunners, 50 Cultists, 1 Za’al the Flayer

XP Awarded: 700XP

The squad begins the session with Aethon being slowly crushed to death in mid air by a giant tentacle from the hideous Kraken dwelling in the deep waters of the cargo bay. The Kraken attempts to bring Aethon down in order to swallow him whole but the wily Blackshield has other plans. Aethon engages his Jump Pack at maximum thrust and is able to escape the grasp of the Kraken!

The squad begins throwing grenades and demolition charges at the beast but the majority of the damage appears to result in nothing more than cracked scales and columns of exploding water.

Gunnar moves close to the water’s edge and engulfs the beast in psychic fire, only for the Kraken to rise forth in an unholy burst of energy and swallow the Space Wolf whole!

Marcus, being prepared for anything, switches to Hellfire rounds and decimates the beast with accurate shot after accurate shot. Aethon lands on the Kraken’s back and begins clawing his way towards it’s eye with punishing stabs of his weapons.

The beast is bleeding horribly from multiple stab and bolter wounds, when its eye explodes and a gout of psychic fire bellows forth, finally ending the beast’s unnatural life. Emerging from its now burnt eye socket is Gunnar, covered in (real) acid. Gunnar strips three of the Kraken’s scales from its body as trophies and the squad readies itself to move south.

After a few doors, Aethon hears the sounds of activity on the other side of a closed bulkhead. The squad enters breach formation and Aethon opens the door while covering fire arcs overhead. Aethon sees an Ogryn carring a large ripper gun, and in a show of intimidation, Aethon forces it and a squad of cultists to panic and flee.

Aethon grabs the Ogryn and drags him back into the room the squad has barricaded itself in and begins interrogating the beast in front of the once again closed door. The squad learns that the Kraken’s lair hides an underwater passage to one of Za’al’s rooms.

At that moment the squad hears the sounds of activity on the other side of the door and quickly back up after telling the Ogryn to stay where he is. Not a few seconds later the door explodes as Night Lord cultists attempt to flush out the Marines.

Pieces of Ogryn flesh are splattered everywhere and the room becomes an abbatoir. Gunnar charges in the doorway and is battered by las and heavy calibre fire but manages to let loose more psychic flame, decimating several squads of cultists.

Three Ogryn berserkers charge through and give the squad some difficulty, but Aethon disarms one with his power sword while Marcus and Gunnar finish off the other. Soon the Ogryn are dead but not before having left the squad a bit shaken up and wounded.

The squad heads back to the Kraken’s lair and after sealing their armor with yet more repair cement make their via underwater passage to a small alcove where some loyal crew members spent their last moments in prayer. Gunnar recovers a small coin featuring the Emperor’s visage in memory of their devotion and loyalty and vows vengeance to the very gates of Morkai against the Night Lords.

The squad then encounters a door marked with the sigil of the Night Lords. Opening the door they find themselves in a room of unnatural darkness. Their suits built in night vision fails to function and even the acoustics of the room are off.

However, there are several holographic dioramas, pictures and other displays of various Night Lords triumphs and victories on display in what can only be a Night Lords Hall of Remembrance. Scenes from the Horus Heresy, the Siege of Terra, battles great and small across the millenia play out in the air itself. All victories of the Night Lords.

The sound of Za’al’s taunting cuts across the room and Marcus Valen dodges a slice of a power sword at the very last moment, his Space Marine senses giving him a second’s warning before Za’al would have slain him. Marcus attempts to return fire with a flamer, but without being able to see Za’al, his shot is wasted.

Gunnar removes his helmet and enters solo mode, fully embracing the Wolf within. His Fenrisian gene seed gives him the gift of Dark Sight and he spots Za’al. He attempts to use his Avenger power on him, but Za’al dodges.

Aethon takes some repair cement and pours it around himself, forming a barrier of rapidly hardening ceramite.

Za’al charges Aethon on another Hit and Run attack, which Aethon not only parries but also successfully counter-attacks, in complete darkness. As Za’al leaps away, the now hardened repair cement on Za’al’s feet ruin his stealth (as if Za’al was running on sand), allowing Aethon and Marcus to follow the noise of his footsteps.

Za’al is lit up with flames again, this time sticking. Marcus then takes a full promethium canister from his flamer and throws it at Za’al, and the ensuing fireball completely engulfs the Night Lord.

Za’al, now stripped of his greatest defense, stealth and misdirection, attempts to flee. On fire and badly wounded, he flees southward at a quick pace. However, Aethon activates his jump pack and catches up with the Night Lord, and thrusts his power sword clean through Za’al’s back, killing him in true Raven Guard style.

Za’al crumples to the floor, his maniacal laughter still on his lips as the flames burn out. He does not carry the Legacy of Nocturne on his body.

However, the squad notices a black cylindrical scroll tube fall from Za’al’s belt. On it is a gold inlaid spider, and the top is sealed with a complex Inquisitorial key. If opened without proper clearance it would destroy the contents of the tube. It appears as if Za’al had captured the tube but had never been able to open it.

When Aethon presses his thumb to it the lock disengages.

Inside is a scroll and many small red crystals, not much larger than grains of sand. The scroll is encrypyted and states:



Below those words is a

The message is directed at Inquisitor Isabella Scythia, Ordo Hereticus and is from one of her Interrogators.

After some time the Squad decodes the message which reads.

“They did not stop Haarlock. One of them is possessed!”



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